The Box Films is a film production company based in Milan, Italy. Founded in 2005 by Executive Producers, Antonio Cappuzzello and Federico Levizzani, it has grown to be one of the main service production companies in Italy demonstrating some of the most innovative realities in the market.

Specializing in an array of filmic mediums such as commercials, photo shoots, music videos, and television programs, our distinctive feature is our unique and creative approach applied to the simplest to the seemingly most complex of projects.

Back in july 2015, Federico and his team from The Box Films came to the Dominican Republic to capture the essence of a coffee plantation in the mountains of Neyba, in the deep south of the island. There, they filmed and photograph the Casanova family and their efforts on growing coffee and working to relaunch Dominican coffee production and exports around the world.

The first Lavazza Calendar was published in 1993 and shot by Helmut Newton.

This was the start of a thrilling journey, based on the special relationship between photography and Lavazza coffee. Both are children of our age, generators of energy, and they are seductive: although they are consumed quickly, the pleasure they offer continues like a delightful aftertaste.

The calendar quickly becomes a sought-after and precious collector’s item, a leading player in Lavazza’s international communications, with the top photographers taking turns behind the camera. 

Lavazza and Slow Food present “From Father to Son”, the new 2016 Calendar produced by the young Canadian photographer Joey L.

The subjects of his photographs are the #Earthdefenders: modern heroes of the Earth who, thanks to their fathers’ teachings, defend biodiversity and promote sustainable development. The photographic reportage, shot in Central and South America, represents the natural evolution of the 2015 Lavazza Calendar and will help support the Slow Food initiative Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet.

Once again this year the calendar will be sold as a limited edition, precisely to support the Terra Madre Giovani project.

Cinefilms would like to thank Federico Levizzani, Omar Bertulli and to all the Box Films and Lavazza’s crew that make this work possible, and for trusting us as their local production services provider. 

Hope to see you again soon my friends!

Angel P. Puello
Senior Producer